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Company History

Who we are

Our origins
Rocamora Teatre started the activities in 1982 in Italy, 36 years ago. Although our roots came from Barcelona six years earlier, in 1976 ...

History of the members
Currently the stable Company is formed by Carles Cañellas and Susanna Rodríguez.

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Shows, Workshops ...

What we do

Theatre of Puppets, Marionettes, Objects
Shows of medium and small format. Indoor and outdoor. For all audiences, young and adults. Programming: Theater, Festivals, School, Events.

Workshops, stages and demonstrations
Construction, manipulation. Different formats, levels, techniques. For Cultural Centers, etc.

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Special orders

Special orders

Design, construction, animation

Design, building and animation of puppets and mobile objects for TV, film and advertising.

Full execution of shows on-demand. Direction and consulting of shows from others. Design and building of puppets, props and scenic objects.

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Contact Rocamora Teatre

C. Manresa 74. 08275 CALDERS
El Moianès (Barcelona)

Phone: (+34) 938 309 006
Cell Phone: (+34) 616 438 555
Cell Phone: (+34) 667 998 603
Skype: canyellescarles
Google+: +RocamoraTeatre
Twitter: @RocamoraTeatre
Facebook: RocamoraTeatre

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