Works on Commission

In our business, we can assume many types of works, such as design, construction and animation of mobile objects, whether or not puppets.

But we are also able to direct and advise other company’s shows.
Also, we can take part or make the integral realization of shows or theatrical productions on demand.


Design, construction and animation of puppets and other objects for TV, film and publicity.

In our long career, we have participated in TV shows, manipulating so many types of puppets of own and external production. We have worked for different advertising agencies and film producers, designing, building and animating puppets and other mobile objects of any type.


Design and construction of a wide range of puppets and theatrical objects, including metal structures.

Direction and consulting on shows of other companies in Puppet Theater, or in which appear puppets or animated objects.

Full realization of shows on demand, for the joint exploitation or completely external.

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