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Rocamora Teatre

We are a Catalan company entirely dedicated to the puppet, string-puppet and object theaters. Our shows are aimed at both children and families, as well as young and adults.
We play and teach courses everywhere, being highly valued internationally; having received Awards and recognitions and participated by the moment in 284 theater festivals spreads over 24 countries in 4 continents, and performed in 6 languages.

We like to make different

Each of our shows is different. We do not follow pre-established models. We choose the puppetry technique, the staging and the aesthetics that we consider most suitable to each, according to the contents, the dramaturgy and the target of the audience to which it will be addressed. We try not to repeat ourselves ever. We like to take risks and investigate, but without dropping anything the level of interest and professionalism. For this reason, we dedicate a long time to prepare them. And, if they are good on the premiere, are even better as they are performed. We grow up the shows while remaining in repertoire. We do not reject any idea without trying it first. Because we believe strongly in the Work in progress!

The objectives that move us, or why we are puppeteers

Our main priority is to establish through the shows, a nexus imaginative and emotive with the audience, independently of the age and social and cultural factors that accompany it. And the theater of animation allows us vastly. The fascination that the puppets well animated exercise on them generates the magical effect of the symbolic play truer: The Puppets are the characters they represent, do not fool anyone. They play fair!
Although operate always "at view", the public attention focuses at all times on the dramatic object "puppet", which becomes the protagonist of the action: it acts, is the actor!
Making theater, we make festivity, we make laugh and smile, we make poetry, we make think and react. We practice a liberator atavistic ritual, through which we display conflicts of mankind. We are show, we are education, we are culture.


Carles Cañellas, professional puppeteer since 1976, Dean of the Catalan string-puppeteers, considered by the international critics among the most skilled in Europe, founded Els Rocamora (now Rocamora Teatre) in 1982, while he lived and worked in Italy, after having been a member of the groups of Barcelona: T.I.Z. (1974-76), Grupo-Taller de Marionetas (1976-78), Col·lectiu d'Animació de Barcelona (1978-80) and the circus Circ-Cric (1980-81). Lecturer at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona, Academic Year 2005-06. He directs shows of other companies and works in cinema and TV as an actor, designer, constructor and animator of marionettes and objects. Director of the Festival de Titelles del Moianès and Espai Animacions, puppetry initiatives center.
In 1987 joins the Company Susanna Rodriguez, puppeteer, ex dancer of the contemporary dance Companies: Taba (1982-86), Saez-Taba (1986-87) and Trànsit (1988-89).

Rocamora Teatre

Awards & Recognition

- Recognition Award to the 35 years of Rocamora Teatre, at the 35 TITIRIJAI FESTIVAL, TOPIC TOLOSA (SPAIN).
- Award for Outstanding Dramas at the 2nd Nanchong (China) International Puppet Art Week Festival 2017 by IDENTITATS (Identities).
- Career Recognition for Carles Cañellas at the 27a Fira de Teatre de Titelles de Lleida 2016.
- Career Recognition Award to Carles Cañellas at "La Titellada 2012", 7a Mostra de Titelles de les Roquetes, Barcelona.
- Career Recognition for Carles Cañellas at the IX Festival Internacional de Titelles i Màscares 2011. Esplugues de Llobregat.
- Award to the Best Animation at the "11th. World Festival of Puppet Art 2007" of Prague, Czech Republic, by the show SOLOIST.
- Career Recognition Award to Carles Cañellas "La Luna d'Argento 2004" at the International Puppet Festival "La Luna è Azzurra" of San Miniato (Pisa) Italy.
- Award "Fem Teatre" from the Council of Barcelona, by the show NEGRE SOBRE NEGRE.
- Award to the best Spectacle of the "2a Mostra de Teatre de Titelles de l'Estat espanyol" of Terrassa, by AIR MAIL.
- Award to the best Theatre Show in the "Biennal d'Art Jove 1985" of Barcelona by AIR MAIL.
- Public Mention by the Jury at the "XVIIè Festival Internacional de Teatre" of Sitges by the show AIR MAIL.

... And the most important, the constant recognition of our audiences everywhere.

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