SMALL SUICIDES (three brief exorcisms of quotidian use)

Recreation in collaboration with the author, of the surprising show "PICCOLI SUICIDI (tre brevi esorcismi d'uso quotidiano)" by Gyula Molnár, which is staged using an extravagant ritual language, where the object is not disguised or transformed to impersonate roles or characters own of the human vicissitudes, but, accepting or trying to escape of their objective function, the object represents himself with astonishing dignity. The actor does not use the objects, but helps them to express.
In a nakedness and sobriety that moves and excites both in the dramaturgy –of a great poetic level-, as in the staging, avoiding the spectacular technical effects to focus on the essential of theatrical act.
Premiered in 1984, has become a classical Object Theatre's show, has performed around the world with a great success and continues being spectacularly innovative.


This recreation is composed by a presentation and the three monologues:
ALKA-SELTZER, an effervescent tragedy.
After several attempts to escape of his obvious condition, a tablet of Alka-Seltzer ends up in the swamp of his own marginality.
PITA and JÖRG, the burning metamorphosis of a coffee seed and a match.
Pita, fascinating and bewitching Brazilian, with her extravagances, does lose his head Jörg, a young Swedish, who is consumed with love for her.
TIME, tragicomic poetry… About the passage of time.
(Pulling faces in the mirror of a poetical image)


Gyula Molnár was born in Budapest in 1950. He lives in Hungary until 1962, and then temporarily resides in Bavaria (Germany). He studies in the school of Fine Arts of Venice (Italy) from 1968 to 1973. He exercises the carpenter's trade until 1976. Since then he works only on theatre as author, actor, and director and occasionally as draftsman and scenography designer. Among his best known works are: "Piccoli Suicidi", "Il Sonnambulo" and "Gagarin".

"SMALL SUICIDES (three brief exorcisms of quotidian use)"
is a dramatization and recreation made by Carles Cañellas based from the original show, with the indispensable complicity and primary indications of the author.
Molnár, after watched a video of the finished version, he wrote to Cañellas in these terms:
"Bravissimo. Commovente. Sei splendido. Mi sento onorato. Grazie"
"Bravissimo. Exciting. You're terrific. I feel honored. Thank you".


Author: Gyula Molnár
Translator, Adapter and Player: Carles Cañellas
Production: Susanna Rodríguez




Small-format show for one actor and many animated objects. For the young and adults. Indoor. Suitable for air transport (2 pax, 1 suitcase). Available in English

DURATION: performance: 52min / stage set up: 1 hour / dismantling: 45min
AUDIENCE: the young and adults
SCENIC SPACE: total darkness / silence / "theatrical" atmosphere / comfortable audience visibility to the inclinable surface of a table 80 x 60cm / visibility also determines the optimum capacity, which can vary from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 100 people, if the audience is arranged on tiers (banks) or in an amphitheater, or up to 250 if in addition we have a video camera capturing image from the back of the room and big screen TV or projector in proscenium (see images) / minimal distance between the audience and the stage: 2m / maximal distance among the stage and the most distant spectator between 10 and 15m (with video support) / preferably with background or black box theatre.
minimal measures: width: 4m / depth: 2,5m / height: 2,5m
SOUND: in small spaces we play unplugged
LIGHTING: for the space of the table we use a 150w incandescent lamp hanging from the top, with a Kraft paper lampshade with a fader switch on the table, so that is the actor who regulates it himself. For the rest of the scenic spaces he uses a lantern and a hand lamp of 60 watts. For the audience entrance must have a minimum light as possible and always indirect, because the stage is lit in dim by the lamp of the table and should be avoided interfering with this atmosphere. In no case more light is needed.
CURRENT: power outlet on the stage / potency 1Kw/h (220v)









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