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We make Theater with Marionettes, Puppets and Objects, also using shadows, masks, and other techniques of animation, depending on the staging of each one.
We have plays for indoor and outdoor, of small and especially medium format.

Our repertory is composed by six spectacles targeted at different audiences, basically:
Children and family, or all audiences: "SOLOIST", "THE NEW CLOTHES", "OLIU, THE LITTLE WOODCUTTER" and "SEARCHING THE SUN".
The young and adults: "IDENTITATS (Identities)", "SOLOIST" and "SMALL SUICIDES".


All audiences. Theatre or Street

Marionette Theatre
Festive show of medium format for one actor and six string-puppets. In English.
For all audiences, with versions for children or families and for young and adults. Indoor or outdoor. Fixed on stage, or itinerant with a pedal tricycle.
Seven funny, poetic, surprising stories, with a common spirit: the verisimilitude of real life of the marionettes.

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All audiences. Theatre or Street

Marionette Theatre and Puppets
Medium-format show for two actors, masks and sixteen puppets of different techniques, the main one the marionette.

For children or families and all audiences. Indoor or outdoor.

Free adaptation of H. C. Andersen's tale "The Emperor's New Clothes", with its own content like the migration, the labor exploitation, the Fair trade.

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Children's and families. Theatre

Puppet Theatre and Shadows
Medium-format show for two actors, shadow effects and six top rod puppets.
For children's or family. Indoor.
In dreams everybody can make reality their desires. Behold, a child is afraid that one day his parents separate...
A story within a tale... and a tale within a story.

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All audiences. Theatre or Street

Puppet Theatre
Medium-format show for two actors and puppets of different techniques, the main one the top rod puppet.
For children or families and all audiences. Indoor or outdoor.
Based on a traditional Chinese tale. Coproduction with Biel Porcel and Binixiflat Teatre. Created in collaboration with the NGO "Veterinarians Without Borders" (Spain).

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IDENTITATS (Identities)

Young and adults. Theatre

Marionette Theatre Dance
Medium-format show for one actor, one string-puppet and six masks. Nonverbal.

For the young (+12) and adults. Indoor.

The purest essence of the Marionette, takes us into an exciting and surprising dramatic search for its own existence, which evolves under various contemporary choreographies, with electronic music, light environments and video backgrounds, custom made.

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Young and adults. Theatre

Object Theatre
Small-format show for an actor and quantity of animated objects. In English.
For the young and adults. Indoor.
Recreation in collaboration with the author of the surprising spectacle "PICCOLI SUICIDI (tre brevi esorcismi d'uso quotidiano)" that Gyula Molnár created and performed by halfway around the world with great success. A classic play of the Object Theater and cult piece among the experts.

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