DO YOU PLAY? or the wonder of playing, letting the imagination run wild

Object Theatre.
A creation by Rocamora Teatre, based on an original idea by Carles Cañellas.
Tabletop medium-format show. Indoor or outdoor. Nonverbal. Duration 45' (adjustable).
For children from 2 to 6 years old and families. Suitable for air transport (2 pax, 1-2 suitcases). - PREMIERE SOON -


The show Do you play? or the wonder of playing, letting the imagination run wild, is an incitement to the symbolic play, to the free game.

Imagination and game   
From the first scene, the puppeteers invite us to play, to let ourselves go and enter with them in a scenic game, in which the objects at their disposal, come to life and transforms by the art of our imagination.
With a few pencil, four sheets of paper, four geometric shapes, four gloves and a bit of crepe paper, we play whit them "to pretend that…" They create characters and with these represent astonishing and funny stories with very few things, because we do not need anything else, if we make work the fantasy, which is the thread with we sew all the free game.
The free game -one that does not have regulations nor rules, nor need goals to overcome, nor establish competitions nor rivalries with other players, but cooperation and complicity-, it springs spontaneously when we allow ourselves to be carried away by imagination, innate in all humans, for the pure pleasure to play, create and transform fantastically an ephemeral world, unique and diverse, from the simplest.


On stage a manipulation table all in black, 1,60 meters wide by 50 centimetres depth, inclined slightly for easy viewing of the surface. Surface that changes colour in each of the three parts of the show, going from the initial black to the red for the first part, to the green for the second, and to the dark blue for the third, closing the show again with the initial black.
Behind the manipulation table, at 1 meter away from this, there is a black curtain 2,50 meters wide and 2 meters high. And on top of it a shelf of 1 meter wide where are placed the various objects and properties. Which base is illuminated with a white light strip, when required.


Direction: Carles Cañellas
Actors-puppeteers: Carles Cañellas and Susanna Rodríguez
Design and construction of the stage props: Rocamora Teatre
Lighting: Carles Cañellas
Costumes: Susanna Rodríguez
Music: InnoDB


Medium format show manipulating objects on a tabletop. Indoor or outdoor.

For children from 2 to 6 years old and families. Suitable for air transport (2 pax, 1-2 suitcases).

DURATION: performance: 45' (we can reduce the duration as you need) / stage set up: 90' / dismantling: 60'
AUDIENCE: from 2 years upward / maximum recommended capacity 250 people
SCENIC SPACE: can be performed indoor or outdoor. In capacity up to 100 spectators we do not need a raised stage. Blacks, neither total darkness are essentials.
measures: width: 4m / depth: 4m / height: 3m.

minimal measures: width: 3m / depth: 3m / height: 2,5m.
outdoor: wind-sheltered area.
SOUND: connection to the P.A. of the space on stage.
LIGHTING: (indoor or at night) is needed 2 spotlights 500w (or equivalent LEDs) with 2 tripods next to the table.
CURRENT: power outlet on stage / potency 1,5Kw/h.

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